Cezara™ belly support panty #4000

The Cezara belly support panty is designed for your comfort!

The Cezara belly support panty can be worn:

  • during pregnancy as soon as you desire belly and back support
  • after delivery, through recovery, for lower abdominal and belly and back support
  • after Cesarean delivery – ask your doctor how soon after delivery you can resume wearing Cezarato compress and protect your scar, cushion it while nursing your beautiful baby or wearing your baby in a sling
  • during pregnancy following Cesarean delivery to cushion your scar
  • anytime gentle belly support is desired

Unique combination:

  • comfortable, Velcro® adjustable support band tenderly supports your back, lifts your belly, minimizes chafing
  • soft internal pad compresses and protects your tender lower abdomen
  • for C-section moms, the adjustable support band lifts your belly away from your scar, supports your back, while the internal pad compresses and protects your scar, especially when you wear your baby in a sling or nurse your beautiful baby
  • Ahhh . . . Wonderful!

Cezara is sized just like your regular pre-pregnancy panties, sizes small (panty size 5) through 5X (panty size 13).  You can wear the same size throughout your pregnancy and after your baby's birth as you re-gain your pre-baby figure - Cezaraeasily adjusts to fit your changing body.  Order the size you are when you order.

Available in Nude, beautiful Nude - everyone's favorite lingerie color.

Wear Cezara either as your favorite panty or over your favorite panty - it is made of super-comfy 90% cotton/10% spandex fabric and is very easy-care: just close the Velcro® band, put it in a lingerie bag, machine wash it on gentle cycle with cold water, no bleach, and hang to dry.  Cezarais made in Costa Rica of American fabric.  Patent Pending.

Please note that for hygienic reasons, intimate garments such as panties are not returnable. 

  • Creative Child Magazine 2011 Product of the Year:
The Cezara™ belly support panty style #4000
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