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 The Cezarabelly support panty provides you with belly and back comfort and support - during your pregnancy, after delivery, after Cesarean delivery - anytime you desire gentle belly and back support. 

Cezaramakes you more comfortable by minimizing the discomfort caused by your pregnant or post-birth belly pressing against your tender lower abdomen and Cesarean scar, if you have one.  The adjustable support band lifts your belly and supports your back, while the internal pad compresses and protects your lower abdomen and Cesarean scar.   Wonderful comfort while you nurse and wear your beautiful baby in a sling! 

Ahhh . . . Wonderful!

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 Enjoy your pregnancy!    Enjoy your baby!

Cezara™ belly support panty #4000

The Cezara™ belly support panty style #4000

Cezara cradles and lifts your belly and provides back support while it compresses and protects your lower abdomen and Cesarean scar - all for your comfort

  • Price: $48.99